Read what some of our great customers had to say about their cut and experience at Salon Rosina!


Rebecca S. of Cambridge says, “Rose is the only person I trust to cut my hair. When I ask for a trim – that is just what I want. Clean up the ends and angle the front to frame my face. Where others impose their ideas of how my hair should look, Rose has always listened to me. Sometimes she makes a suggestion to change the shape, but she never starts cutting before we discuss the style. The end result is always an amazing, fresh haircut. Rose has been cutting my hair for over 10 years”

paula and hubbyJoel S. of Lexington says, “My family encouraged me to try something different from the same old haircut I got for the past 20 years. I told Rose that I wanted something different and she surprised me with a great haircut that is simple and easy to maintain. It’s nice to have a stylist who is capable of taking the reigns and giving me a look that has gained rave reviews from my family.”

elpithaElpitha G. of Winchester says, “A big thank you to Jenn who did an amazing job with my Brazilian Blow out! My aunt brought me to Salon Rosin to have my hair straightened and I am so happy with my results. I have very coarse, curly hair, that is, or should I say, WAS unmanageable…after my treatment I can now do my hair in less than 1/2 the time it took me before. Everyone at the salon was so friendly and provided so much information and attention to detail. I am so happy, and now I feel I can go into my freshman year in High School feeling like a million dollars…Again, thank you to Jenn and thank you Salon Rosina!”

kristyKristy F. of Winchester says, “I needed to do something new and different with my hair. Rose suggested going with a short, layered, textured cut. I love my sassy new look! It’s so easy for me to get ready in the morning — a quick blow dry and a few flips and I’m ready to go! I’m amazed that doing one simple thing like getting a really good haircut can make such a difference in how I look!”